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If you need a reliable producer of electrical heating systems, electrical products and solutions for engineering infrastructure, the SST Group is the perfect choice for the production allocation. For our customers we are always ready to use our production facilities, scientific resources and experience in development of new models of cable and wire products. Our research and production complex includes:

Heating cables production facilities

These production facilities represent a modern research and production center in which there are concentrated intellectual assets and production capacities associated with development and manufacturing of cable products. The products manufactured in these production facilities meet the highest requirements for quality, reliability and safety. The products are also widely used in industries which are strategic to Russia: nuclear power engineering, astronautics, military-industrial complex, aircraft building, oil-producing and oil-refining industry, petrochemistry, civil construction.

In these production facilities there are manufactured over 1,000 standard sizes of cables of various purpose, among which there are:

  • cables of special purpose with higher requirements for safety;
  • fire-resistant cables;
  • thermocouple wires;
  • heating cables: of series-resistance type, self-regulating and flat;
  • mounting and installation cables and wires.

The production facilities take up an area of 3,000 m2. The up-to-date equipment ensures a low noise level and pretty much unpolluting production.

The production facilities are fitted with equipment of an Austrian company Dunst GmbH, a Turkish company KABMAK and a German company SIKORA.

In the production facilities there are installed 6 extrusion lines. All the lines have electronic control, on the displays there is shown all the information accompanying the manufacturing process. 4 lines – sheathing ones – have units for applying marking.

Production of mats and carpet floorings for heating

In the production facilities the cable manufactured in our plant gets coupled to the base. The ways of cable attachment and base material selection depend on the customer’s needs. In the production facilities there are used both equipment of European producers (MECA, KSL) and unique machines of home-grown development. In the production facilities there are used sewing and spreading machines, vacuum laminating machine and machines for application of adhesive.

Production of control equipment

Here there is produced thermostatic control equipment for household and industrial purposes. During production there are manufactured polymeric casings for different electrical equipment, there are programmed control boards, there is effected elements coupling at soldering stations, testing of finished products for various types of impact. At all stages of production there are involved highly-qualified specialists. Each specialist has at their disposal an equipped workplace for equipment production.

The SST Group is one of the few producers of electric heating systems that has a home center of electronic components development and production.

Also here there are carried out testings of products by Quality Control Department specialists and products get packed here. Packed products are delivered to the finished products warehouse.


In this production facility there are assembled various items into an operating product (heating sections, warm floor, towel dryers and other devices). During production there is used assembly line process. Small-batch items get assembled in individual places. The assembly quality control is exercised after each operation by means of electronic equipment and optical systems. After being assembled, the products are delivered to the packaging room, then to the warehouse.

Warehouse complex

To meet the demands of our customers we produce and keep in stock in the warehouse the required volumes of products well in advance. Our warehouse facilities take up an area of over 6,000 m2.

The modern warehousing system (WMS) allows for fast shipping of all required products to customers. At the present moment over 60,000 different goods are being stored in the warehouse, among them there is over 300 km of self-regulating cable.

Home-grown R&D

Warehouse complex

In order to meet our consumers’ demand to the fullest extent there is a R&D department working effectively in our company. Integration of innovative technologies and growth of scientific and technological potential is a priority area of the company’s activity in which significant amounts of money are invested annually. The R&D department has over 30 engineers and specialists. The SST Group is one of Russia’s leading industrial enterprises by the portion of the engineering personnel in the total number of employees. Over 50% of the SST Group employees have higher education, over ten directors and senior specialists have scientific degrees. The company’s specialists have a solid experience in development and assimilation of new products, implementation of new technologies, which has been confirmed by numerous patents.

The assortment line of heating cables, heating mats, heating elements and thermostatic equipment produced by the SST Group is unique and knows no equals in Russia. All the products manufactured by the company go through a long procedure from precise engineering development to strict design tests and assimilation in production operations. Most manufactured items are unique by their technical and operational data. The SST Group specialists have developed unique innovative software tools for calculation and design of electric heating systems. Annually the SST Group offers several dozens of new products and solutions to consumers designed on the basis of self-engineered developments and research.

There should be noted specifically the developed and effectively integrated system of extra-long pipelines heating IRSN-15000 (SKIN- system). Owing to a thorough analysis of the matter of parameters calculation, design methods, validation through elaboration of process technology as well as installation and commissioning procedures, the SST Group takes a dominant position in this market sector.

Test center

Within our company’s organizational units the test center plays a significant part.

The test center fulfills the following basic functions:

  • Model tests, routine tests, investigation tests of all products manufactured by the company
  • Handling of claims

In the test center all manufactured and developed products undergo a mandatory check for electric influence, physical impacts, hydraulic actions, thermal effect, as well as for moisture resistance. The center is fitted with all required equipment for conducting tests, and specifically there is unique equipment of self-engineered design. All devices and equipment are regularly certified and calibrated, which is proved by certificates.

In order that our clients be pleased with the quality of our products, we control the production process at each stage. We only use high-quality raw materials and stuff for production.

The products manufactured by the “Special Systems and Technologies” Group underwent a set of tests for compliance with the requirements of international standards in certification authorities VDE, SGS, Demko, NANIO CCVE, CQST NAN Yang Ex which is confirmed by certificates СЕ, VDE, RoHS, IEC Ех.

In 2004 in the “Special Systems and Technologies” Group there was adopted and certified a quality management system according to standard ISO 9001:2000.

The “Special Systems and Technologies” Group activity in the field of quality management, agreed upon along with the company’s personnel’s strategic decision to be among the best Russian companies specializing in electric heating systems design, production, installation, warranty and post-warranty service, is aimed at:

  • Providing competitiveness of the company’s products due to high quality and consideration of the level of customers satisfaction;
  • Development and updating of the assortment of manufactured products based on monitoring of consumers demands and expectations and analysis of trends in technology;
  • Offering a full range of works and services regarding electric heating systems: analysis, design, production, installation, after-sales service, including manufacturing of items and electric heating systems in explosion-proof version, taking into account the requirements of national standards for explosion-proof electrical equipment;
  • Improvement of resources usage effectiveness based on introduction of cost cutting projects and optimization of organizational units’ activities;
  • Improvement of the employment conditions competitiveness in the SST Group;
  • Improvement of labor efficiency and productivity.

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