Self-regulating heating cable KSTM

Hot pipe
Few conducting paths. Low heat output.
Warm pipe
Less conducting paths. Medium heat output.
Cold pipe
Many conducting paths. High heat output.
Self-regulating heating cable KSTM is a cable whose resistance varies with temperature – low resistance for temperatures below the cable set point and high resistance for temperatures above the cable set point. When the cable temperature reaches the set point the resistance goes high and then no more heat is supplied. This means heat is only supplied where needed along the length of the cable. Self-regulating heating cable KSTM consists of current carrying copper buswires of 0,5-1,0 mm2 cross section, semi-conductive self-limiting matrix, insulation, tinned copper braid and outer jacket. Outer jacket is made of the material resistant to ultraviolet and solar radiation, atmospheric precipitation and temperature differences that protects cable against moisture and mechanical damage. The self-regulating heating cable KSTM is designed to be used in electrical heating systems for domestic pipelines, drainage systems, roofs of buildings and constructions.


European self-limiting heating matrix
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2 years warranty period
20 years
service life

Technical data

Supply 220-240 VAC / 50 Hz
Linear output*17KCTM 17 W/m
30KCTM 30 W/m
Insulation electric resistance not less than 103 MOhm●m
Screen electric resistance not more than 13 Ohm/m
Outer jacket protection rating IP67
Operating lifetime 20years
Maximum operating temperature energized/de-energized 65℃/85℃
Minimum permissible single-bending radius17KCTM 35 mm
30KCTM 25 mm
Nominal heating cable dimensions (width x thickness) 10,5 x 6,1mm
Current carrying buswires cross section 0,5-1,0 mm2
Minimum installationtemperature -25℃

Maximum cable length depending on power circuit breaker size

Heating cable model Linear output, W/m Start-up tempera-
ture, ℃
Maximum heating cable length depending on automatic circuit breaker size at 230V, m
  10 A 16 A
17 KCTM 17 10 75 -
-20 55 -
30 KCTM 30 10 58 81
-20 30 45