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Bathrooms are the most vulnerable places for creation of the favorable environment for life of mold. If at the higher humidity there is no a good ventilation system, the appearance of fungus and mold is only a matter of time.

The fungus in bathroom will become a reason of the paint and plastering exfoliation, damage the home decoration materials, all these things lead to the necessity to make renovations again.

Besides, spores of the mold are the direct threat to health of you and your relatives.

In order to protect your health and not to spend money on off-schedule repairs, we recommend the efficient and affordable solution which prevents the mold appearance and keeps clean: Warm-for-health!

Installation in the hard-to-reach places

Warm-for-health is designed for installation under the ceramic/stone tile or border for the purpose to remove moisture in hard-to-reach places of higher humidity. Removing moisture, the dryer prevents the formation of favorable conditions for the mold and fungus appearance.

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Energy-efficient system

The heater, laid under the decorative flooring, generates heat which ensures the evaporation of excessive moisture on a surface and prevents the mold and fungus formation.

The timer allows to applicate the dryer only in necessary periods of time and automatically switches it OFF, thus decreasing electrical energy consumption costs.

Where you can use it

  • bathrooms, shower rooms
  • swimming pools, saunas
  • kitchens

on the various surfaces

  • concrete
  • stone
  • plastic
  • paint

Unique product

  • excludes a cause of the mold and fungus formation – moistness
  • long-lifetime performance
  • absolutely safe – doesn’t give off hazardous chemical substances and don’t emit radiation
  • doesn’t require additional space and is unnoticeable in premises
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