There are thousands of water floods are
coming up all over the world every day.
That occurs because of different causes:
an accident, abuse of plumbing equipment,
or elementary oblivion. In consequence
of this premise’s owner and its neighbours
are suffering. And as a result there are a lot of
wasted nerves, quarrels, unplanned repair… To avoid it and save your health and
money the water leak control system
Neptune will help you!
How does it work?
Water leak
control sensors
Water leak control sensors produce a signal in case of water ingress on it and they are purposed for detection of an alarm situation.
They are designed to handle signals from the wire and radio channel water leakage control sensors and send an actuating signal to the executive unit which cuts off water supply. They provide with a light and sound emergency alarm.
Electric actuated
ball valves
Electric driven ball valves are designed for cutting off water supply in water and heating supply systems in case of water leakage.
Where can you use it?
The systems NEPTUNE are designed for using in the
places where leakage can happen.
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