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Heating mats

Heating mats are designed as a supplementary system for comfortable floor heating. Heating mats are installed directly into a thin tile adhesive layer (8–10 mm). Heating mats can be used under any covering of your choice: tile, marble, laminate, linoleum or carpet. It is applicable for all types of premises and can be easily installed both on a new surface and on the existing floor in case of repair works. Thanks to the cable fixation on the self-adhesive mesh – there is no need to adjust the wire spacing and to fix the cable on the floor surface.

Alumia foil heating mats

  • Completely finished product – all the connections are factory fabricated taking all the necessary control steps
  • No raising of a floor level
  • The foil shields electromagnetic radiation
  • High mechanical cable properties

Single-core heating mats

  • Classic solution for installation without screed
  • Quick and proportional heating
  • Reasonable price
  • 25 years of warranty

Double-core heating mats 

  • Easy installation – cold lead is located only at one end of the section
  • Easy connection – you need to connect only one single cold lead in the junction box
  • Produces less electromagnetic field than single-core mats
  • 25 years of warranty

Double-core heating mats, stitched

  • Thanks to the construction of needled mats a cable is reliably fixed on the mesh
  • This construction eliminates the possibility of laying pitch distortion and cable movement during installation and provides proportionality of heating thanks to uniformity of mat needles
  • Lifetime warranty

Foil heating mats, self-adhesive backing

  • Dry installation without screed
  • No raising of a floor level
  • Installs in a few minutes – just enough to lay the heating mat and connect it to a thermostat
  • Ready for use right after laying
  • The aluminium foil distributes the heat of the heating cable smoothly all over the surface, shields electromagnetic radiation.
  • The heating mat is electrically grounded and absolutely safe.
  • 12 years of warranty