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Mirror demister



  • Designed for high humidity premises
  • Connection to the mirror lighting
  • Does not require maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Highest electrical safety


The Heatfoil-mirror demister is a foil heater and the best solution for demisting mirrors. It is intended for preventing condensate formation on mirrors in bathrooms or any other premises. The condensate evaporates off the mirror surface when the heater is switched on.

The Heatfoil-mirror demister consists of a heating element, connected to the installation wire. The ultrathin film (0,2 mm) is made of double-layer polyester fibre with a conductor inside.

The heater is connected to a power supply of 230 VAC.


The connection to the electrical network should be done via a separate switch. The use of a ground fault circuit breaker (30 mA) is obligatory.

Ordering information

Technical data

Rated voltage 230 VAC
Operating temperature 40 °C
Max temperature 80 °C
Connection cable 1,2 m
Protection class II - IP 44

Product references

Type Dimensions, mm Rated power, W
HF Mirror - 400×500 400×500 36
HF Mirror - 550×600 550×600 64