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Mold prevention system

Warm for Health

How it works

The heater, laid under the decorative flooring, generates heat which ensures the evaporation of excessive moisture on the surface and prevents the mold and fungus formation. The timer allows to apply the dryer only in necessary periods of time and automatically switches it OFF, thus decreasing electrical energy consumption costs.


The moisture dryer for bathrooms is designed for installation under the ceramic or stone tile or border in order to remove moisture in hard-to-reach places of bathrooms, shower rooms, swimming pools, saunas, kitchens and other premises of high humidity.

Removing moisture, the dryer prevents the formation of favorable conditions for the mold and fungus growth.

Complete set

The solution is represented by two packaged products:


1.  The first one is a dryer which includes the special heater of a specified length, equipped with the installation wire, installation and operation user manual

2.  The second one is a timer set which includes the timer, the installation and operation user manual.

The heater and timer are provided with technical certificates containing the information about technical data of products and warranty obligations.

Characteristics. Assortment

General technical data of the Dryer

Rated power supply: ~230 VAC 50/60 Hz
Rated specific power : 300 W/m2
Width, h: 100±10 mmIP57 / I
Ingress protection rating/class: IP57 / I
Maximum operation temperature: + 90 °С
Max. surface temp. (ceramic/stone tile or border): 40°С
Product designation Dimensions, m Area, m2 Rated power, W Heating cable construction Length of installation wire, m
PN-2,5-75 2,5 х 0,1 0,25 75 twin-cored 2
PN-4,2-125 4,2 х 0,1 0,42 125 twin-cored 2
PN-6,5-195 6,5 х 0,1 0,65 195 twin-cored 2

General technical data of the Timer

Rated power supply: 230 V
Maximum load current: 16 А (3,5 kW)
Power consumption: 450 mW
Ingress protection rating/class: IP20 / II
Acceptable relative air humidity: 80 %
Time adjustment range: from 10 to 180 minutes

Technical advantages

Inconspicuous and cost-efficient care for cleanliness and your health in areas of excessive moisture that doesn't need your assistance

  • excludes a cause of the mold and fungus formation – humidity
  • absolutely safe (doesn’t give off hazardous chemical substances or emit radiation)
  • long-lifetime performance
  • doesn’t require additional space and is unnoticeable in premises

The timer is designed to control the moisture dryer “Warmfor- health”. To start drying, the timer must be switched ON by touch-sensitive button. After a specified period, the device switches the system OFF until the next button touch. This operation pattern (switching drying ON only if required) enables to save energy costs of the moisture dryer “Warm-for-health” operation as much as possible.

The timer also can be used to control other heating systems (e.g. warm floor) or other energy consumer in case their power is not more than 3.5 kW. If control of greater load is required, it should be connected via magnetic starter (contactor). In this case the control winding of the contactor should be connected to the timer.


  • Provide operation of electrical appliance only in necessary duration (from 10 minutes to 3 hours)
  • Compatible with the most of electrical appliance
  • Recommended for using with “Warm-for-health”
  • Automatic switching-off
  • Energy-saving