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Heated carpet mats for outdoor use

Heated carpet “Autoluxe” for drivers


  • Laid on any raw surface (ground, asphalt, concrete, sand, snow, ice)
  • Versions for passenger cars and trucks (voltage 12 V and 24 V)
  • Made of durable material protected against aggressive environment: fuel, oil, etc.
  • No installation
  • Equipped with a bag for storage and transportation
  • Small space in the baggage or passenger compartment
  • Attractive price
  • Low power consumption



Especially designed for protection against the body’s exposure to cold and for creating comfortable opera-tion conditions and people’s rest in cold period when out of car passenger compartment. Heated carpet for drivers is irreplaceable:

  • if an unexpected car repair is needed on the road
  • for safe and comfortable outdoor recreation with the family


The heated carpet “Autoluxe” for drivers represents an electrical heating mat made of PVC jacket with a built-in flexible heating element of cable type which is equipped with an installation wire.

Connection and end couplings are manufactured in factory conditions, reliable and hermetically sealed.

Connection to power supply:

  • The carpet of 12 V – clamps of the “crocodile” type, length of installation wire is 5 m
  • The carpet of 24 V – cigar socket, length of installation wire is 10 mPVC

Technical data

Rated voltage 24V
Rated current 4,2 А
Dimensions 120х60 cm
Area 0,72 m²
Heated area 0,54 m²
Rated power 100 W
Operation temperature - 30°С / +15°С
Maximum temperature of the carpet surface +5°С at -30°С, +40°С at +15°С
Length of installation wire not less than 10 m
Heating-up time to maximum temperature 45 min
Class of protection against electric-shock hazard |||
Moisture ingress protection rating IPX7
Weight of product 2,8±0,2 kg
Color of product grey
Estimated time of accumulator battery discharge 4 h