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Commercial & Industrial Heating

Turnkey Solutions

1 Planning
& Estimation

Basic estimation is carried out to determine the necessary investment volume to implement the project. The preliminary products are selected and approximate works cost are calculated in the frame of basic estimation. Basic estimation is performed free of charge and presented as Technical and Commercial Proposal. The results of the preliminary stage are corrected in the process of precise object-oriented design work carried out basing on detailed technical data of the Customer.

2 Design & Engineering

The Company has its specialized engineering department, which draws up top level design and engineering documents. We develop industrial electrical heating systems, heat insulation and power supply systems (power cables, control cabinets) for different purposes including use in safe and explosion hazardous zones.

The design work is carried out in accordance with the operating standards using innovative software and high precision thermotechnical calculations simulating thermal processes.

After design and estimation documents are approved, our specialists perform supervision to secure the compliance of construction and architecture parameters of the design solutions (if so agreed with the Customer). We control all the project construction stages from initial phase to object commissioning, thus ensuring the maximum quality of the works performed and immediate decisions to matters arising in course of construction.

3 Procurement

The Company supplies a full range of products for electrical heating systems and heat insulation. SST CG has its own production and storage facilities which enable to offer the Customers the best delivery time. Subject to agreement with the Customer we reserve products and keep them in storage to arrange for duly delivery to the Customer's site.

4 Installation &

Our specialists perform turn-key product installation. We implement general electric installation works, and start-up and commissioning of the electrical heat system. High quality of installation is ensured by the vast experience and highest professional qualification of our engineers having permits to work with electrical installations up to and over 1000 V, fourth (IV) and fifth (V) electrical safety group skill levels and working at heights certification. Our specialists carry out the training of the contractor's employees dealing with the electrical heating system installation.

5 Running

Our specialists consult Customers at any project stage concerning electrical heating system operation and go to the site object to control the system operation, if needed. We ensure the quality of our equipment and offer warranty extension and electrical heating system service, even after warranty period expires. Our service range includes diagnostics of electrical equipment, warranty and post-warranty service of the installed equipment and systems, including training and technical support of operating personnel.

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