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4 Independent channels

Electronic temperature controller for four-channel temperature maintenance

  • 4 independent control channels
  • High temperature measurement accuracy
  • High interference immunity of measurement channels
  • External sensors can be placed at max. distance of 100 m
  • Simultaneous display of temperatures for 4 channels
  • Simultaneous display of heating state for 4 channels
  • Thermal control capability within the temperature range from -60 C to +500 C
  • Equipped with built-in matrix display
  • Easy adjustment of controlled temperatures
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Communication interface RS485, MOD_BUS/RTU


Connection diagram


PT-400 controller is used as a part of the electric heating systems for pipelines as well as with de-icing systems. The controller is designed for object temperature measurement and heating process control. Measurement and control are arranged for 4 independent channels within the temperature control range from –60 °C to +500 °C to an accuracy of ±1 °C, the indication accuracy is 0,1 °C.

Principle of operation

The controller realizes two-position (on-off) control method, load current via own relay contacts is up to 6A. The upper and the lower limits of the temperature maintenance range should be set at the device installation.


The controller features high temperature measurement accuracy together with high interface immunity of the temperature measurement channels. Thanks to the above, the device may be conveniently used when the sensors are placed in a distance of up to 100 m, up to 8 sensor types may be used.


The controllers of this type are widely used for monitoring and maintenance of the preset temperature value of process pipelines and vessels.

PT-400 devices are also very easy to use in freezing chambers where ground heating under the chamber floor prevents the ground from freezing, preventing floor lifting. Four control channels allow to control several chambers from one device.

Convenience of use

The built-in display facilitates the device checkup and adjustment. Four control buttons are located on the front panel to provide user friendly interface.


The controller’s construction provides installation in a control cabinet. The device is designed for DIN-rail mounting (6 modules).


100% of the devices pass factory tests.
The preset parameters can be stored in the device non-volatile memory.


Temperature control rage: –60 °C ... +500 °C
Measurement channels number: 4 channels
Control channels number: 4 channels
Temperature measurement accuracy: 0,5 %
Temperature indication accuracy: 0,1 °C
Types of temperature sensors used (the type of the connected sensor is to be set in the device ajustment menu, separately for each channel)** Type0-Pt100, W100=1.3850,
Type1-Cu100, W100=1.4260,
Type2-Cu100, W100=1.4280,
Type3-Cu50, W100=1.4260,
Type4-Cu50, W100=1.4280,
Type5-Pt50, W100=1.3850,
Type6-Pt100, W100=1.3910,
Type7-Pt50, W100=1.3910.
Interface, communication protocol 9600 BIT/S RS485, MOD_BUS/RTU
Maximal semsor remoteness from the controller***: up to 100 m
Data registration Yes, in non-volatile memory
Maximum control relay current: 6 A, 220 VAC
Enclosure protection grade IP20
Operating temperature: 0 °C ... +40 °C
Power supply: 220 VAC +10%/-15%, 50 Hz
Overall dimensions: 105x90x66 mm
Weight: 450 g

* – Not included in the delivery kit, should be ordered separately.

** – Type 4 – factory adjustment.

*** – Thermoresistance, connected according to three-wire circuit, by cable with recommended cross-section of 2,5 mm2.


Warranty period of operation – 1 year after the date of sale.

Ordering information

Electronic temperature controller PT-400.

Temperature sensor (resistance thermometer, 1 pcs for each measurement channel).

The sensor type to be clarified at ordering.