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Automated electric heating control systems


The AEHCS automatically control the electrical heating using signals received from the temperature sensors. Analyzing the received data, the system automatically turns the heating ON or OFF. Both two-positional and proportional control based on the air temperature is possible. The temperature settings can be adjusted in the course of the system operation. The AEHCS works with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), discrete and analogue I/O modules, operator’s panel and serial interface module RS232/RS485.

Regardless of the object complexity and scale, using of the AEHCS makes it possible to significantly improve the electrical systems’ operating performance in terms of control and monitoring functions, protection and verification; in the case of an integrated process automation system applied on the object, the AEHCS completes it.


  • achievement of the easiest control and monitoring;
  • rapid and high quality decision making on the electric heating control;
  • heating modes reliability improvement, quick elimination of pre-fault and fault operating conditions with the further situation analyses;
  • diagnostics of the equipment operation and reduction of repair cost;
  • providing of the personnel with retrospective technological information (data logging, history of events, data calculation for the equipment operation analysis);
  • electric power metering, control and the possibility of influence on its consumption.


The AEHCS includes:

  • Power Cabinets (PC);
  • Automation Cabinets (AC);
  • Temperature sensors


  • optimal electric heating control and maximum energy saving due to the developed control algorithms;
  • remote control and monitoring of the electric heating system;
  • obtaining of the largest volume of information (temperature, load current, power network voltage, energy consumption, fault conditions, etc.);
  • upgrade of previous generation control systems;
  • operating cost saving due to remote data collection, control and monitoring of the energy consumption;
  • improvement of process protection on hazardous production facilities due to access authorization and filing of signals, alarms, outages and human actions;
  • professional onsite putting into operation and final adjustment, with the regard to the requirements of the operating personnel and production engineering services;
  • possibility of the control system scaling and new I/O modules connection;
  • possibility of modification of logical relationships between the sensors and the heated object with user’s terminal (operator’s sensor panel).

An example of the user’s screen of the aehcs operator’s panel

In the automation cabinet, the connection between the I/O modules is arranged via an internal bus. The PLC is a slave unit in the MODCUS network and offers the following services:

  • calculation of current measured temperature values;
  • determination of the current system condition (heating ON/OFF) by scanning of the I/O modules;
  • control of the output relays of the I/O modules based on the measurement results (electric heating system ON/ OFF, system condition signaling).

The aehcs integration into the customer’s process automation system

The AEHCS is integrated into a process automation system by implementation of the data transfer protocol ModBus TCP or Modbus RTU. The data from all Automation Cabinets (AC) are accumulated in the data storage server and transferred to the automated controlling worker’s workstation (AWS). The data transfer can use both cable and fiber optic communication system as well as radio channels.

Cabinet version examples

Automation Cabinet (AC)

Power Cabinet (PC)

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All the Automated Electric Heating Control Systems are designed and manufactured by individual project.