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Measuring transducer unit

Measuring transducer unit for automation systems

  • Up to 8 independent measurement channels
  • Connection line length between a thermostat (controller) and the unit: up to 1000 m
  • Installation in explosion hazardous zone
  • Minimum operating temperature: -50 °C
  • Protection grade: IP66



The primary purpose of the measuring transducer unit is transformation of signals received from:

  • resistive temperature transducers (RTT) according to GOST 6651-94
  • thermoelectric transducers (TT) according to GOST R 8.585-2001
  • transducers with unified input signals into unified signals (0÷5) mA or (4÷20) mA according to GOST 26.011-80, and also output of measured temperature or actual values, received from various sensors, to control computer or controller.

Component parts and arrangement

1 – enclosure of the measuring transducer unit
2 – armored cable entry, brass M25
3 – locking nut M25
4 – earthing ring, brass M25
5 – sealing ring M25
6 – blank plug M25
7 – unarmored cable entry, plastic, M25
8 – sealing GP25
9 – modular measuring transducer


The unit is used as a part of electrical heating systems for pipelines and capacities. It is also possible to use the product in other automatic control systems. Application of the unit in explosion hazardous zones must be performed in strict accordance with the explosion protection marking.


Explosion protection marking 1 Ex ia [ia] IIC T6 X
Dust and moisture protection grade according to GOST 14254-96 IP66
Ambient temperature range, °C -50 … +50
Maximum input voltage, Um, V 27
Electrical equipment class as regards to methods of human protection against electric-shock hazard according to GOST III
Operating temperature, °C -50 … +50
Storage temperature, °C -50 … +50
Maximum input voltage, Ui, V 24
Maximum input current, Ii, mA 120
Maximum input power, Pi, W 0,75
Maximum internal inductance, Li, uH 0,1
Maximum internal capacitance, Ci, uF 22
Maximum output voltage, Uo, V 6,2
Maximum output current, Io, mA 10
Maximum external inductance, Lo, uH 200
Maximum external capacitance, Co, uF 10
Overall dimensions, not more than, mm  
  – length 250
  – width 255
  – depth 120
Weight, not more than, kg 3


The product operating lifetime is 10 year after the date of sale.

The manufacturer is under warranty obligations for the delivered product within 2 years on conditions all installation and operation conditions provided in unit’s technical documentation are observed.

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