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Long-line systems LLS

Series resistance electric heating cable for heating pipelines of medium length.

  • Length of heated pipe runs up to 3 km
  • High power output – up to 50 W/m
  • High efficiency, developed surface of heat emission and flexibility
  • Power supply from a single point minimizes costs for supply wiring
  • Easy to install


HTM (10, 15 W/m)


LLS is a three-phase series resistance heating cable designed to prevent freezing or maintain the product temperature in pipelines of medium length up to 3km in safe and explosion hazardous zones

Its typical application is to maintain temperature of crude oil or fuel oil in above-ground and buried pipelines, to protect water pipelines from freezing.

HTM (10, 15 W/m)


The system application minimizes the required number of power supply points and, thus, reduces cost of power supply network arrangement.

HTM (10, 15 W/m)


The heating cable structurally includes three parallel heating cores made of copper wire insulated with organic-silicon rubber; the insulation is covered with tinned copper wire braid and organic-silicon rubber outer jacket.
Size of heating conductors is selected to provide the desired power output for a specified length of the circuit. Heating cables are connected directly to three-phase power network or, if necessary, to a special step-up transformer.
Considerable heated surface of the flat heating cable leads to decrease of operating temperatures in comparison with similar heaters featuring round-shape conductors i.e. improves safety and efficiency of the heating cable and prolongs its service life. Using organic-silicon rubber as an insulator, which is capable to maintain its electric and mechanical properties within the wide range of temperatures, enables to get power output of the tape up to 50 W/m.
LLS cables may be laid on a pipe straightly or spirally. As for preinsulated pipelines the cables are commonly placed in conduit


  1. No cable touch or overlapping is allowed to avoid any overheating.
  2. Please strictly follow the installation manual.

The heating cable is available both as convenient for installation lengths for series connection on site and as ready-made heating sections TMTE.

Cables to be installed at power supply point are delivered equipped with cold leads


SST, LLC offers not just LLS heating cables, being a part of electric heating system, but designs, manufactures and installs complex systems, adapted for specific conditions of application on the Customer’s site. In accordance with the Customer’s requirements the following items may be supplied: a power supply source (if available supply voltage is different from 380VAC), system of power supply and temperature control, circuit continuity monitoring/alarming equipment, feed boxes, service boxes, termination kits – all above mentioned units are specially designed and manufactured by the manufacturing enterprise.



Maximum temperature 130 °C
Maximum allowable temperature de-energized (1000 hours cumulative) 180 °C
Minimum installation temperature - 60 °C
Power supply 3-phase
up to 660 V
Temperature classification T3
Power output up to 50 W/m
Cross section 1.5 mm2
3.0 mm2
6.0 mm2

Please note that the manufacturer is entitled to modify the conductor sizes in order to provide the required power output, W/m, for the specified circuit length.


Type Nominal size, mm Minimum bending radius, mm
LLS 3x1.5 14.9x7.8 40
LLS 3x3.0 16.9x8.5 45
LLS 3x6.0 19.6x9.4 50


The company supplies a complete range of accessories including devices for power supply, connection and termination of the heating cable and a control unit.


To ensure trouble-free operation and compliance with all safety standards and requirements, we recommend using original accessory equipment made by SST company.


Electric heating system is powered either from a source (a specially designed step-up transformer where the available voltage is different from 380 V), or directly from 3-phase network via a power supply control system.

Allowable power of an electric supply network should be correspondent to the power consumed by the electrical heating system. Specially designed cold start scheme makes possible to reduce the start currents

Heating cable surface temperature shall not exceed the maximum withstand temperatures of its constructional materials or that specified for the temperature classification (for installations in explosion hazardous zones). This is ensured by limiting of power output of the heating cable depending on the pipe or workpiece temperature to a safe level either by design calculation or by means of temperature control system.

For worst heat transfer conditions the temperature of the pipe should be limited to the following levels:

HTM (10, 15 W/m)


HTM (10, 15 W/m)


Heating section length depending on supply voltage, cross section of the electrical core and linear power output of the heating cable with organic-silicon rubber insulation is presented in table 2

HTM (10, 15 W/m)