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Max exposure t up to 260C°, up to 40 W/m, length up to 1km

Series resistance electrical heating cable for heating pipelines, vessels and other process equipment in safe and hazardous areas.

  • Linear power output up to 40 W/m*
  • Full range of controls and accessories
  • Operating temperature up to 240 °C
  • Standard operating voltage 230 VAC and 400 VAC


Application field

SNF heating cables are intended for heating of pipelines, vessels, process equipment and other objects in the temperature range from -50 to +240°C.


Fluoropolymer insulated heating cable series is especially designed for application in areas requiring high operating temperature and high power output.

Fluoropolymer insulation allows using cable in wet and chemically active mediums.

The cable is supplied as ready-made heating sections with installation wires and couplings. The sections may be assembled of component parts delivered by the Manufacturer on site according to design documents.

The on-site installation of the heating sections is quick and simple. Mounting tapes and other accessories are used to facilitate the installation process.

Application field

Heating cables can be used in heating of equipment operating at high temperatures and high humidity level, in explosion hazardous zones and in areas, where corrosive chemical solutions or vapors may be present.


Heating conductor
Cupronickel alloy, High resistance alloys
Conductor insulation
Tinned copper
Outer jacket


  1. No cable touch or overlapping is allowed to avoid any overheating.
  2. Please strictly follow the installation manual.

*Linear power output is determined during heating system design and depends on the temperature and structure of the heated object.

technical specification

Maximum operating temperature 240 °C
Maximum allowable temperature (de-energized) 260 °C
Maintenance temperature 180 °C
Minimum installation temperature -60 °C
Rated operating voltage 230 VAC and 400 VAC
Temperature classification T2
Resistance of the protective braid not more than 18 Ohm/km
Linear output of a single cable up to 40 W/m*
Minimum bending radius in storage and transportation 150 mm
Minimum permissible single bending radius during installation 30 mm

*Linear power output is determined during heating system design and depends on the temperature and structure of the object being heated.

Heating cable parameters