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Max exposure t up to 200C°, up to 40 W/m, seamless

Heating cable section TMOE for heating of pipelines, tanks and other process equipment

  • Linear power output up to 44 W/m*
  • Invisible joint section construction = cost-effective solution
  • Operating temperature up to 180 °C
  • Easy installation

* Linear power output is defined during heating system design work and depends on the temperature and construction of the object being heated.



Medium temperature invisible joint heating sections based on TMF cable are designed for heating of pipelines, tanks, process equipment and other objects in the temperature range from -50°C to + 180°C, including application in explosion hazardous zones.

Features and application field

Invisible joint heating sections are supplied to the site object as finished products ready for immediate use in accordance with the project. Absence of explicit coupling at the junction of the heating and current-carrying conductors is a distinguishing feature of this type of section. Insulation, braiding and sheath of the section have undisturbed solid and uniform construction thus ensuring high reliability of the heating section.

Insulation and sheath are manufactured of fluoropolymers, thus enabling the section to withstand high operating temperature (up to 180°C) and resist exposure to chemically aggressive environment and oil products.

Standard sections have linear output of 33 and 44 W/m. Sections with other linear output value are manufactured on request or in accordance with the project.

Complete readiness of the section for installation and uniformity of the external dimensions essentially facilitate the installation process.

Medium temperature flush-joint heating sections are the best solution for heating of pipelines, tanks and process equipment containing fuel oil, bitumen, paraffin and other high-viscous substance.


Heating conductor
cupronickel alloys, resistance alloys
Conductor of the installation wire
tinned copper wires
Conductor insulation
tinned copper wires
Outer jacket


  1. Do not let cables to be placed close to each other and avoid cable self-overlapping to exclude overheating.
  2. Carefully follow the installation manual guidelines.
  3. Foiled tape marks the place of connection of the installation wire and the heating cable.

Technical specification

Maximum operating temperature 180 °C
Maximum permissible temperature (de-energized) 200 °C
Minimum installation temperature -60 °C
Designed for operating voltage 230 VAC and 400 VAC
Rated operating voltage 230 VAC and 400 VAC
Resistance of the protective braid not more than 18 Ohm/km
Linear power output of a single cable up to 44 W/m*
Minimum bending radius in storage and transportation 150 mm
Minimum permissible single bending radius during installation 30 mm
Temperature classification T3

*Linear power output is defined during heating system development work and depends on the temperature and construction of the object being heated.

Parameters of stock-produced heating section


**Two types of the heating sections TMOE are presented in the above table: with linear power output 33 W/m and 44 W/m with installation wire 4 m long at both sides. Manufacture of the sections with other power output values and other installation wire lengths is possible on request and according to the project.

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