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Max exposure t up to 800C°, up to 470 W/m


  • maximum operating temperature 550° С
  • maximum rated heat output – up to 300 W/m
  • possibility of factory manufacturing in sections
  • possible to use in explosion hazardous areas (in sections)
  • possible to use in aggressive environment


The cables VNO, VNOE, VNS, VNSE are designed for heating technological equipment (extruders, molding presses, bitumen lines) etc., for operation as a part of heating equipment and devices of various function, heating of pipelines and containers in cases where ingress of moisture is excluded. Application of high temperature materials in construction of these cables allows to apply them for heating objects up to 500 degrees (VNS).

The cables VNO, VNOE, VNS, VNSE are successfully applied for heating cylinders and heads of plastic extruders, molding machines, pipelines of molten bitumen, in drying cabinets and many other installa-tions.. Due to high flexibility and small bending radius, the cable can be installed onto compex-surface objects (stock pipes, vessels, press plates).


Conductors - single- and multi-wire made of various materials and alloys

Insulation – glass fibersscreen – braiding of stainless steel wires

screen – braiding of stainless steel wires

Design versions

VNO (S) – insulated core (in case of S – spiral)

VNOE (VNSE) - braided insulated conductor

The cable VNOE can be supplied both by pieces of any length and in a form of ready heating sections with installation wires and ceramic couplings.

Range of heating cables

VNO 1x0,30 (550)

VNO 1x0,50 (550)

VNO 1x0,63 (550)

VNO 1x0,80 (550)

VNO 1x1,00 (550)

VNO 1x1,20 (550)

VNO 7x0,40 (550)

VNO 7x0,50 (550)

VNOE 7x0,50 (550)

VNS 1x0,50 (550)

VNS 1x0,63 (550)

Technical data

Maximum temperature +550 °С
Cable diameter 3,5-5 mm
Maximum heat output cables VNO, VNOE – up to 370 W/m
cables VNS, VNSE – up to 470 W/m
Insulation resistance not less than 1*103 МОhm*m
Minimum installation temperature -25 °С
Supply voltage 220-240 VAC (380 VAC by order)
Insulation resistance not less than 1*103 МОhm*m
Maximum bending radius at operation and storage 150 mm
Minimum permissible single bending radius 30 mm