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Multi-function, DIN rail mount

PTM 2000 - Multi-function DIN rail mount

Multi-purpose, -functional, -programable electronic temperature controller for various heating systems

Features and advantages

  • 4 independent control channels
  • High temperature measurement accuracy
  • High interference immunity of measurement channels
  • External sensors can be placed at max. distance of 1000m
  • Simultaneous display of temperatures for 4 channels
  • Simultaneous display of heating state for 4 channels
  • Thermal control capability within the temperature range from -100 °C to +600 °C
  • Equipped with built-in LED-display
  • Easy adjustment of controlled temperatures
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Communication interface RS485, MOD_BUS/RTU
  • The preset parameters are saved in nonvolatile device memory

PTM-2000 controller is used as a part of industrial electric heating systems of pipelines, vessels and opena areas. The controller is intended for temperaturte measurement and control of the object heating.

5 control algorithms are provided by the device:

  1. «TUBE» – two-position control by 4 channel based on ON and OFF temperature settings .
  2. «TUBE+» – proportional control by 4 channels (based on ambient air temperature with the surface temperature control).
  3. «ROOF/ROAD» – control of de-icing systems for roofs and open areas by 4 zones.
  4. «TIMER» – control of power output percentage by 4 independent channels by time period.
  5. «MEASURER» – Measuring and indication of 8 temperature channels.

Technical data

Temperature setting range –100 °C ... +600 °C for unified signal 4…20 mА –55 °C ... +60 °C (+125 °C**) for temperature sensor TST01
Measurement channels number 4(8) channels
Control channels number 4 channels
Temperature measurement accuracy 0,5 %
Temperature indication accuracy 0,1 °C
Types of temperature sensors used* (the type of the connected sensor is to be set in the device adjustment menu, separately for each channel) TST01, TSP01, TSP02, TSW01 Unified measuring signal 4…20 mА
Interface, communication protocol RS485, MOD_BUS/RTU
Maximal sensor remoteness from the controller 100 m for temperature sensor TST01 up to 1000 m for unified signal 4…20 mА
Maximum control relay current 6 A
Power consumption 12 W
Enclosure protection rating IP20
Operating temperature +5 °C ... +45 °C
Power supply 90–245 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Weight 450 g
Overall dimensions 160×90×60 mm
Permissible relative air humidity80 % 80 %
Mounting type DIN-rail, 9 modules

Function of contacts

PTM 2000 - Multi-function DIN rail mount

Algorithm features

The temperature controller RTM-2000 when working according to “ROOF/ROAD (DEICING)” algorithm is intended for application as a part of roof de-icing systems, e. g., for cleaning the surfaces of trays, trenches, water drips, drainpipes from atmospheric precipitation and prevention of frost formation. In addition to removal of precipitation from roof surface, “ROOF/ROAD (DE-ICING)” algorithm also provides frost removal from open areas.

Temperature controller RTM-2000:

  • Connects temperature, precipitation and water sensors, and measures the corresponding parameters: air temperature, existence of atmospheric precipitation and thawed snow in the drainage system;
  • Works both in automatic mode, and in a manual control mode – system operation is irrespective from the connected sensors condition;
  • Controls the operation of 4 different contours independently from each other (roof de-icing, heating of drainpipes);
  • Displays operating modes as well as the condition of the sensors and the relay on the LCD display;
  • Allows to set the parameters and operating modes by means of control elements on the front panel.

Electronic temperature controller RTM-2000 provides control of 4 heating zones, and zones No. 3 and No. 4 can be used for open area heating.

Electronic temperature controller RTM-2000 provides fast integration into industrial control systems by means of the RS485 digital interface of data transmission, under the MOD_BUS/RTU protocol. Output relay channels control the electrical heating system.

Electronic temperature controller RTM-2000 realizes all existing options of heating cables and de-icing systems. The abundance of settings allows a person (or client) to adapt the controller for features of local climate and to use heating most effectively, providing electric power savings of 40%.

Ordering information

1. Electronic temperature controller РТМ 2000

Joint products depending on heating system's application, ordered separately:

2. Temperature sensor (resistance thermometer) TST01– 1 pc. for channel.

3. Water sensor TSW01 (for de-icing systems).

4. Precipitation sensor TSP03-D, TSP01 or TSP02 (for de-icing systems).

5. Power supply unit for precipitation sensor BPDO (for de-icing systems).

Warranty period of operation

2 years from the date of sale