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Slave relay

Roomstad 190 - Slave relay

The device to connect additional power loads for electrical heating

Features and advantages

  • Extends possible heating areas
  • Comfort and easy mounting
  • Guarantees safe and efficient operation of electrical heating system
  • Used jointly with the temperature controller ТР 140

The slave relay unit “Roomstat 190” is designed to increase the maximum installed power capacity of de-icing system and, accordingly, extend the possible heating areas.

The slave relay allows to increase a load controlled by the one temperature controller.

Receiving a control signal from the output relay of temperature controller ТР 140, it commutes the connected cable section and “repeats” the temperature controller operations: switching the connected heating section (mat) ON/OFF in response to temperature controller signals.

Each device “Roomstat 190” allows to connect the heating section (mat) with the maximum load current 16 А.

Technical data

Power supply 220 VAC (+10%/-15%), 50 Hz
Maximum load current 16 А
Weight 70 g
Ingress protection rating IP20
Overall dimensions 80×80×52 mm
Operating temperature from +5 °C to + 40 °C
Color Mounting type
Mounting type surface

Connection diagram

Diagram of the slave relay unit connection to a temperature controller with the application of twin-core heating sections (mats)

Roomstad 190 - Slave relay

Warranty period

2 years from the date of sale