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Roof/ driveway heating, DIN rail mount

PT 330 - Roof and driveway heating Wall-mount PT 330 - Roof and driveway heating Wall-mount

Temperature controller for control of roof and open area simple de-icing systems

Features and advantages

  • System operation in the temperature range from +5 °С to –15 °С
  • Adjustable setting of the maintain temperature lower limit in the range from -15 °С to 0 °C
  • Indication of heating ON/OFF condition and power ON status
  • Resistance load control to 16 А (220 VAC) by means of own relay contacts
  • Supply voltage 220 VAC 50 Hz
  • DIN-rail mounting
  • Energy saving to 30%
  • Wire connection by means of screw terminal contacts

The electronic temperature controller РТ-330 is a part of the electrical heating system for pathways, steps, ramps to prevent an ice formation on them as well as for roof heating systems to prevent an ice clogging of drainage system elements and ensure a snowmelt runoff channel. This temperature controller is mainly applied to control simple de-icing systems*.

The controller always maintains an external temperature with the application of outdoor temperature sensor. If an actual temperature value runs into the specified temperature range, the controller switches a built-in relay (16 А, 250 V). If a temperature falls outside the specified temperature range, relay contacts come apart. The plus temperature range limit is specified under the manufacturing at +5 °С and its regulating is not applicable. The minus temperature range limit can be set by user by applying of tuning handle placed on the front control panel within a range from -15 to 0 °С.

In case of the temperature control limits overrunning (from -15 to +5 °С), the device blocks a heating turn-on circuit. This is due to the ice formation is scarcely probable at temperatures of above +5 °С and below -15 °С. Besides, at temperatures of below -15 °С, the specified heating section power may be not enough to completely form atmospheric precipitations into water, and their partial heating at low temperatures can lead to the ice formation.

Function of contacts

PT 330 - Roof and driveway heating Wall-mount

Technical data

Operating temperature from + 5 °C to + 45 °C
Temperature range of actuating signal output from -15 °C to + 5 °C
Regulating confines of temperature range lower limit from -15 °С to 0 °С
Power supply 220 VAC (+10%/-15%), 50 Hz
Maximum admissible load current through relay contacts 16 A
Rated power consumption not more than 0,5 W
Mounting type in use DIN-rail, 2 modules
Ingress protection rating IP20
Weight 110 g
Overall dimensions 35×90×58 mm
Temperature sensor in use TST05

Ordering information

1) Electronic temperature controller РТ-330.

2) Temperature sensor TST05-2,0 (from -50 °С to 40 °С), where 2,0 is the sensor installation wire length

Warranty period

2 years from the date of sale