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Heating tape, 50 W/m

NT-Heating tape

Cable heating section for the open area heating: roads, ramps, staircase steps


The heating cable represents a flat tape with a thickness of about 3 mm and width 12–14 mm. The flat cable shape and large surface area are ideal for application in open area heating systems, since they insure more effective heat output and evenly screed heating.


  • Unique technology
  • Increased linear output 50 W/m – cost-effective solution: – less cable consumption for 1 m2 – low heating cost of 1 m2 – decrease of risk of a cable and roof damage during the installation due to increasing the distance between cable threads at the laying.
  • Large area of cable surface: – effective heat output – uprated reliability – even surface heating
  • Operating temperature up to 90 °С
  • High mechanical reliability
  • Lowering of costs for installation works (sections are delivered to a site by means of reliable units with installation wires and ready for an immediate use)
  • Operating voltage of sections 220 and 380 V
  • Ideally suited for installation in concrete, cement-sand grout, dry mix

Technical data

Supply voltage 220–240 V / 380–400 V
Linear power output 50 W/m
Maximum permissible temperature without loading +90 °С
Minimum installation temperature –30 °С
Minimum bending radius at storage 150 mm
Minimum permissible single bending radius 60 mm
Insulation resistance not less than 1×103 МOhm•м
Rated dimensions of heating cable (thickness × width) 3,6×12,4 mm
Rated dimensions of installation wire BUN 2x1.5 (thickness × width) 4,4×7,2 mm
Rated dimensions of installation wire BUN 2x2.5 (thickness × width) 4,9×8,2 mm
Ingress protection rating IP67
Mechanical reliability according to IEC60800 class М2
Life period 25 years
Insulation test voltage 1500 V
Inflammability no burning spread
Weight no more than 6,4 kg/100 m

Ordering information

NT-Heating tape

Warranty period

3 years from date of sale.