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Water sensors


The water sensor is designed to detect water on the heated surface. It is used for a joint work with the digital temperature controllers PT-200, PT-220, PTM-2000 in roof and open area deicing systems.

Operating principle

The water sensor detects precipitation occurred as rain. Its principle of operation is similar to that of the precipitation sensor, but the water sensor has not a heater. In case of water on contacts, the circuit is closed and the temperature controller detects water ingress. By order, it can be manufactured with reference to individual roof features.

TSP01, TSP02  Precipitation sensors

TSW01 Water sensors

Technical data

Overall dimensions 160x40x15 mm
Maximum diameter of sensor/ cable 10/3 mm
Maximum distance of sensor from controller 100 m
Weight 50 g
Operating temperature range from -40°C to +50 °C

TSW01 Water sensors

Ordering information

Water sensor TSW01-X, where X is a length of installation wire, m.

TSW01 Water sensors

Approval details

Obligatory certification of sensors is not applicable.

TSW01 Water sensors

Warranty period

2 year after the date of sale