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Drum/ Pail/ Barrel heater

Drum/ Pail/ Barrel heater Drum/ Pail/ Barrel heater
  • high heating rate and low power consumption
  • simple and comfortableinstallation and connection to power supply
  • equal and effective heat distribution over the entire heated area
  • safety – integral bimetallic temperature limiter


The heater is of ageneral industrial purpose. It is applied for heating filled steel barrels with the capacity from 200 to 230 l in order to decrease viscos-ity and keep desired properties of special liquids and solutions

Atypical example of BN-1000 industrial useis heating fuel additives, machine oils and various water solutions up to a temperature at which its further application or refinement is possible.


  1. Cable resistive heating element
  2. Organosilicicon rubber, reinforced by high-temperature polyester fabric
  3. Metal hooks
  4. Power connection
  5. Bimetallic temperature limiter
  6. Installation wire

Technical data

Rated AC supply voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz, V 220 ± 10%
Rated power consumption, W 1000
Maximum permissible heater’s surface temperature, °С 150
Cold insulation resistance of the heater, MOhm not less than 50
Insulation strength, kV not less than 1,5
Ingress protection rating according to GOST 14254-96 IPX6
Electric shock protection class according to GOST 1
Length of installation wire, m not less than 1,5
Overall dimensions: L × W × T, mm 1700х240х3
Thickness at the power connection no more than 20 mm
Area, m2 0,4
Weight, kg 3
Drum/ Pail/ Barrel heater