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Heated plates for farm use

Heated plates for farm use Heated plates for farm use Heated plates for farm use Heated plates for farm use

Heating plates HP are designed for spot heating. If a non-mobile heating system of larger area is needed, fixed site heating system based on «Warm floor» made by SST company can be successfully implemented.

The heating cable is laid uniformly on the floor area (of any shape and size) intended for heating system installation. After that the sand cement screed is poured over the cable; the cable is to be connected to the temperature controller. Floor finishing can be made of any material.

Excerpts from the reports on introduction of power saving technology of spot floor heating in pig hatcheries:

  • «Heating of young pigs from below (by warm floor) is healthier from physiological point of view than from above (by lamps).Besides, pigs take places more evenly than under suspended lamps. Animals do not have to crowd or lay upon each other. As a result it improves their capability for survival (by 2-3% and more) and rate of live weight gain (by 3-4% and more)».
  • «Power consumption needed to reach preset process conditions of the heated surfaces did not exceed the specified value and was 1,5 – 2 times lower as compared to other units meant for spot heating used at pig-breeding farms of the Republic of Belarus».

The heating plates can be also used:

  • for heating of water troughs and food cups;
  • for workplace heating (in portable and fixed market stalls, security booths);
  • for heating of kennels and cages for other animals;
  • in vehicle sheds (heating of crankcase);
  • as portable warm floor spots in storage houses.
Heated plates for farm use

It is well known that cold and wet floor causes a variety of diseases of young pigs. At present infra-red lamps are traditionally used as a local heating unit at pig-breeding complexes and farms. Special Systems and Technologies Company has a batch production of heating plates HP-130 intended for spot heating at pig houses.

HP heating plate is a reliable product of glass fiber reinforced concrete with a heating cable installed inside.

As an ecological friendly, safe for health, longlived and maintenance-free item, HP heating plates gained common use at pig-breeding complexes and farms.

Over 20 thousand heating plates HP have been already installed and successfully operate now.

In 2012 SST company expanded its range of heating plates by launching production of HP-60, HP-100 and HP-120, which can be easily installed in slotted floor used at modern pig-breeding complexes. The plates are simply installed instead of standard floor cells on the guiding beams by means of special-purpose brackets.

Advantages of hp plates:

  • comfortable conditions for livestock;
  • wear resistance;
  • cost-efficiency (twice lower energy consumption as compared to lamps);
  • service life not less than 15 years.

Control system – Temperature controller pt-340

Automatic mode allows functioning according to special cycle designed for 9 weeks of operation, which meets the zootechnic requirements. This is the time necessary for sustainable development of the young of most farm animals, first of all for hardening after birth. The controller changes the maintained temperature every week in accordance with preset values (by program or livestock specialist).

Heated plates for farm use

Manual mode is used if constant maintenance of the specific temperature is needed. In this mode the temperature controller maintains temperature preset by the user.

Beside strict temperature control the controller saves electric power by consuming as much energy as necessary.

Delivery of additional control blocks informing the staffabout heating plate operation is possible upon request.

The block is to be installed in the circuit between the plate and power feed cable. By means of light indication it visualizes the power supply availability and plate operability.

Parameter НР-60 (D) НР-100 (D) НР-120 (D) НР-130 (T)
Possibility to install in slotted dismountable floors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rated power output of the heating element, W 60 100 120 130
Dimensions of the heating plate, mm 800x380x45 1200x380x45 1600x380x45 1150x550x30
Weight, kg 25 35 50 40
Installation wire lead-out Downwards Downwards Downwards Side wards
Installation wire length, m not less than 2,0
Rated supply voltage, V 220 VAC
Maximum heating temperature, °C +40
Warranty period/ Service life 2 years / not less than 15 years
Payback period after replacement of infra-red lamps 1 year

Design versions of hp plates:

HP... – without fabrication hole for temperature sensor installation

НР...T – with fabrication hole for temperature sensor installation

НР...D – with built-in temperature sensor

Technical specification Of temperature controller pt-340

Temperature control range from +10°C to +40°C
Number of week programs of temperature maintenance (automatic control) 9
Full-load current 16 A
Supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions 70x90x66 mm
Temperature sensor TST03
Temperature sensor location in the heating plate
Length of sensor installation wire 2,5 m, up to 60 m on request
Type of installation onto DIN-rail
Sa colspan="4"ving of program settings in de-energized condition 12 months