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Snow depth measuring system

Snow depth measuring system Snow depth measuring system
  • Monitoring of a great numberof areas by using radio- channel sensors (up to 127 sensors)
  • User-friendly interface andlots ofopportunities for visualization of collected data: perhour, perday, permonth
  • High reliability and operation accuracy by using industrialequipment.
  • Low power consumption
  • Connection to a building management system

System structure

  1. distance sensor
  2. distance sensor control unit
  3. data collection unit
  4. industrial computer


The system is designed to control snow cover height on a building'sroof. Application of this system allows to prevent roof damages from heavysnow load and decrease maintenance charges on building services

Principle of operation

A roof is equipped with ultrasound distance sensors with control and power units, data collection unit where data are transferred bythesensors through a radio-channel.

Control cabinet, installed in the management room, includes visualiza-tion module based on ian ndustrial computer, alarm equipment as well as power and protective equipment.”

Distance sensor control unit transfers a command to thesensor for snow cover height measuring every 30 minutes. The measured data istransfered to a data collection unit through the radiochannel.

Data collection unit combines data, received from sensors, and transfers them to a visualization unit.

The visualization unit performs analysis of received data. The special interface allows to showit in visualdiagrams and tables and also to convert snow cover height into weight load.


  • Flat, membrane roofs
  • Large area roofs
  • Translucent constructions
  • Stadiums, hangars, awnings
  • Roofs of complicated configuration
  • Hard-to-reach roof areas
  • If any skylights on a roof and if areas of light removable roof
  • Building complexes


  • Control of snow cover height level in real- time mode
  • Automatic calculation of load on a roof depending on snow height
  • Alarm of exceeding preset snow level values
  • Control of theroof heating system

Ordering information

Data collection unit SIVSP.01-00

Distance sensor control unit SIVSP.02-00

Distance sensor SIVSP.05-00

Mounting bracket for distance sensor SIVSP.04-00

Low-voltage electrical control cabinet -ТС-1-010-000-05543-0001