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Neptune IWS stainless steel corrugated tubes can be applied in various ways.

Some of them are listed here:

  • Pipelining for hot- and cold-water supply
  • Arrangement of warm water floors
  • Piping in boiler stations
  • Pipelining of heating systems
  • Water feed to sprinklers in automatic firefighting systems
  • Piping for hot-air heaters, hot air curtains, heat exchangers, fan coil units, air-conditioners
  • Application as cable conduits for electrical wiring

The service life of the tube and brass fittings for it is not limited, the service life of sealing rings is not less than 30 years. The pipes are resistant to frost-thaw (in winter time) and hydraulic shock, they are easy to bend by hands, without violation of clear opening, micro-cracking and mechanical stress in metal.

Corrugation of the pipe compensates linear expansion and compression caused by temperature cycling.

The tubes can be laid into concrete screed and under plaster on a wall and are irreplaceable for warm floor arrangement as well as for installation in basements. They are rodent, mould and fungus resistant. The system is easily installed, as the pipes are easy to cut by hand pipe cutter, cutting is also possible by hack saw or angle grinder. Bellows-type gas hoses are highly resistant to ground deposition and earthquake.

Corrugated tubes FEATURES

  • Easy to install, cut and bend
  • SS304 stainless steel
  • Unlimited service life;
  • Excellent corrosion resistance in aggressive environments;

Portable heating


  • Quick installation design enables to install the fitting in a few seconds even under rough conditions or at height
  • Method of production – hot forging, that ensures high strength of the metal
  • The fitting body and the locking ring made of brass CW617N (containing 59% of copper, that ensures maximum strength and plasticity)
  • Pressure ring of stainless steel SS304


The water leak control systems are designed for early detection and localization of leaks in water supply and heating systems at homes, cottages, apartments, office buildings, shops and other premises. It protects from any form of fluid that might threaten your facility.