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Gas system

The corrugated tubes Neptune IWS in PE coating of yellow color are designed for application in gas supply systems. They are used as pipelines in internal gas distribution systems or for connection of gas-consuming equipment. The Neptune IWS are easy to install, even in confined spaces, with no loss in quality and reliability. For complete installation of a pipeline, a common tube cutter and two box spanners are required. To make connections, we offer dielectric gas couplings (fittings) Neptune IWS of brass, equipped with an insulating ring. The ring prevents contact of the fitting and the tube metal parts thus ensuring safety of the pipeline application.


Available in 20 metre-, 30 metre- , and 50 metre lengths, coiled.


Corrugated Stainless Steel Tube Neptune IWS 15A, SS304 annealed

SS304 – stainless steel, material

Neptune IWS – trademark

15A – inside diameter, mm

Annealed – steel treatment to effect its mechanical properties such as strength and flexibility


The Neptune IWS stainless steel corrugated tube and accessories meet all appropriate specifications including certificates proving their safe use in water supply, heating, plumbing, potable water, and fire control systems. There are numerous reference letters, test reports, expert assessments, and certificates of conformity available to justify the Neptune IWS corrugated steel tubing and fittings’ safe use both in water and foam fire-extinguishing systems.

Specifications of the Neptune IWS stainless steel corrugated tubes

  Pipe size
  15 20 25 32
Internal diameter, mm 14,1 21,0 27,0 32,0
Pipe wall thickness, mm 0,30
Minimum number of corrugation peaks, pcs./100mm 20 19 18 18
External diameter, mm 18,1 25,6 32,0 37,6
Working temperature at a pressure of 1.5 MPa, °C 150
Min.temperature without pressure, °С -
Maximum allowable temperature for short time, °С 400
Working pressure, MPa 1,5 1,5 1,5 1,5
Minimum bending radius, mm 30 40 50 80
Pipe length in coil, m 50 30 30 20
Max (collapse) pressure at 20 ° C, ° C MPa 21
Coefficient of linear expansion 10-6,1 / ° C 17
Coefficient of thermal conductivity, W / m • K 17
Lifetime 30 years