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Gas system / Fittings

The gas fittings are equipped with an insulating ring that prevents sparking thus ensuring safety in the use of gas lines and minimizing the accident risk.

The corrugated gas tube can be used in underground pipeworks of unlimited length that enables to save money and expand the scope of the tubes application.

  1. Body
  2. Coupling nut
  3. Dielectric ring of fluorocarbon resin (FPM)
  4. Locking ring of polyamide (nylon)
  5. Corrugated stainless steel tube, uncoated
  6. Corrugated stainless steel tube, polyethylene coated
  1. Coupling nut
  2. Locking ring of polyamide (nylon)
  3. Dielectric ring of fluorocarbon resin (FPM)
  4. Body


Range of fittings for Neptune IWS corrugated tube products

Coupling Neptune IWS (M) gas 15*1/2 20*3/4 25*1
Coupling Neptune IWS (F) gas 15*1/2 20*3/4 25*1


Specifications of Neptune IWS fittings:

Parameter Standard fitting size
  15 А 20 А 25 А 32 А
Body and nut material Brass CW617N /ЛС59-1С
Body and nut plating material* Nickel
Thread size, inches ½" ¾" 1" 1 ¼"
Operating temperatures, °C from -50 to +150
Operating pressure, MPa 1,5 1,2 1 1
Short-time maximum permissible temperature, °С 150
Short-time maximum permissible pressure, MPa 5 4 3,5 2,5
Service life 30 years

*- the fitting parts may be plated or not