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Control module Neptune ProW


A new generation control unit is related to water leak control systems. It receives signals from water leak sensors to send a regulatory signal to the executive unit which shuts off water supply. It gives a light and audible alarm. Designed for domestic and industrial use.


  • Monthly automatic valve rotation.
  • The valve supply voltage is 12 VDC.
  • Possibility to operate at power supply failure – built-in backup power supply source included.
  • Address capacity-possibility to detect water leaks at up to 4 lines.
  • The control module ProW has the ability for the connection of wire sensor expansion units and valves.
  • Availability of a low-current reply (dry contact – the possibility to get alarm systems connected).
  • Indication of the ball valve status (opened/closed).
  • Indication of the backup power supply status.
  • Possibility to open close ball valves by using the control module.
  • Possibility to remotely control the valves (open/close).
  • Designed especially for the professional quality installation.
  • Automatic valve shutting off in case of power failure of the backup power supply source.

Technical data

Power supply 220 V ± 10 V, 50 Hz (by internal power unit) 12 VDC (by external power unit)
Maximum load current 0,85 А
Power consumption not more than 0,5 W
Actuation time not more than 2 sec
Continuous operation time unlimited
Maximum number of water leak sensors SW series to be connected 20 pcs.
Maximum number of electric actuated ball valves to be connected:
  • In case of 2 electric actuated valves on, the number of the sensors is limited by the power of a built-in power supply source
  • no connected ball valves
200 pcs.
to 375 pcs.
Number of electric actuated ball valves to be connected when using an internal power unit 4 pcs
Number of electric actuated ball valves to be connected when using an external power unit (it is recommended to apply power units of current consumption at 3 A) 6 pcs
Operation time in standby mode at power supply failure 1 year
Ingress protection rating IP54
Dimensions L×W×H 164,5×116×45 mm
Weight not more than 250 g (no batteries)
Maximum current changeover relay contacts 5 А