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Control module Neptune ProW+


A new generation control unit is related to water leak control systems. It receives signals from water leak sensors to send a regulatory signal to the executive unit which shuts off water supply. It gives a light and audible alarm. Designed for domestic and industrial use.


  • Monthly automatic valve rotation.
  • The valve supply voltage is 12 VDC.
  • Possibility to operate at power supply failure – built-in backup power supply source included.
  • Address capacity-possibility to detect water leaks at up to 4 lines.
  • The control module ProW+ has the ability for the connection of wire sensor expansion units and valves.
  • Availability of a low-current reply (dry contact – the possibility to get alarm systems connected).
  • Indication of the ball valve status (opened/closed).
  • Indication of the backup power supply status.
  • Possibility to open close ball valves by using the control module.
  • Possibility to remotely control the valves (open/close).
  • Designed especially for the professional quality installation.
  • Automatic valve shutting off in case of power failure of the backup power supply source or radio sensors RSW+.
  • Control of radio sensors (waiting for the water leakage signal, status control of the power supply element of the sensor and control of the connection with the sensor).

Technical data

Power supply 220 V ± 10 V, 50 Hz (by internal power unit) 12 VDC (by external power unit)
Maximum load current 0,85 А
Operation frequency 433,92 MHz
Power consumption in standby mode not more than 0,5 W
Continuous operation time unlimited
Maximum number of electric actuated ball valves to be connected:
  • In case of 2 electric actuated valves on, the number of the sensors is limited by the power of a built-in power supply source
  • no connected ball valves
200 pcs.
to 375 pcs.
Number of radio sensors RSW+ series to be connected 31 pcs
Number of electric actuated ball valves to be connected when using an internal power unit 4 pcs
Number of electric actuated ball valves to be connected when using an external power unit (it is acceptable to apply power units with the current consumption of not more than 3 А) 6 pcs
Operation time with two water leak sensors SW005 in standby mode in case of power failure 36 hours
Batteries CR 123 – 4 pcs.
Ingress protection rating IP54
Dimensions L×W×H 164,5×116×45 mm
Weight not more than 250 g (no batteries)
Maximum current changeover relay contacts 5 А